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CorruCase is not just a corrugated box manufacturing company, we are corrugated packaging solution providers. We help our customers create value in their supply chain by supporting them to develop innovative packaging designs.

At CorruCase, we have a unique and well-balanced combination of experience and dynamism at all levels of the organization, right from our promoters ( Directors) to our workers. We are an ISO Certified Organisation.

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During the COVID19 pandemic, our team at CorruCase, Hyderabad, had come up with a frugal and economical solution to growing demand/ requirements for disposable emergency beds at temporary accommodation camps/ Quarantine centers/ isolation wards. As India and nations across the globe continue the fight against corona, our team at CorruCase has come up with our contribution to society.

We provide eco-friendly, simple to use, easy to dispose of, portable & water-resistant beds made from high-quality corrugated board, called CorruBeds.The CorruBeds have been validated for its strength and physical attributes at the premier PCRI Institute in Hyderabad.

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